The unmanned system club (USC) is originally founded in 2010. From the very beginning, the USC has received enthusiastic supports from Prof. Ben M. Chen, Prof. Tong H. Lee and all the members of the NUS UAS group. As its name indicates, the USC aims to provide the UAS group an informal academic forum, where ideas and views on academic research can be exchanged.

The USC is scheduled on every Friday afternoon, usually 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In every USC session, one of our group members will give a presentation on a specific research topic. Generally the topic may come from an academic paper that the speaker recently read. Of course, the topic may also come from the speaker's own research work. The topic is acceptable as long as it is academically interesting and helpful to the research of our UAS group.  Occasionally speakers from other research groups of NUS or institutions also join the USC and present their work. Dr. Feng Lin is the first coordinator of the USC. Currently it is Mr. Yijie Ke. The coordinator makes schedule for the USC, communicates with speakers and sends USC announcements to the whole UAS group every week.

If you are interested in our research work, or have some interesting work to show, we warmly welcome you to join us.