Welcome to this nonsensical page. My Technical Analysis of Stocks (TAS) Toolkit consists of the following three main components:

Frankly, all these things only work beautifully from the mathematical point of view. They are not so beautiful in generating money.

Here is the main menu of the tool kit on the MATLAB screen:

  The Following Counters Are Presently Available in the Tool Kit:
      101  Aztech       111  I-One.net      121  Parkway    
      102  C&C          112  IPC            122  SIA        
      103  City Dev     113  Informatic     123  SPH        
      104  Capitaland   114  Inno-PAc       124  San Teh    
      105  Chartered    115  Jardin M       125  Sing Tel   
      106  Creative     116  MMI            126  Tianjin Z  
      107  DBS          117  MediaRing      127  Tuan Sing  
      108  Dairy Farm   118  NatSteel       128  UOB        
      109  HK Land      119  OCBC           129  VicBallas  
      110  Hotung       120  OUB            130  VicCapital 
  Special Functions:                                        
      0 Exit the Kit    1 Add in New Data   2 Delete Latest Data
      3 Evaluate All    4 Compute Profits     [**PIN Required**]
  Enter a choice (a valid number): 123
and this is the menu of the technical analyses if SPH is selected:
          T E C H N I C A L    A N A L Y S I S    M E N U
              1) Plot Prices & Volumes of SPH
              2) Manually Add SPH Today's Data
              3) MACD-Lines Indicator (Trend) 
              4) MACD-Histogram (Trend)
              5) Fast Stochastic (Oscillator)
              6) Slow Stochastic (Oscillator)
              7) Relative Strength Index (Oscillator)   
              8) Elder-Ray (Trend & Oscillator)
              9) Ben's Price-Volume Index

             10) Triple Screen Trading System

              0) Exit this menu                         

            Enter your choice number (0-10): 
Click on any item in blue text to view a sample analysis. Please feedback your comments. Thank you!