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ICCA'11 final paper uploading is open online at https://controls.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl. Authors should carefully read the information below before uploading final papers.

Final paper uploading:

An accepted ICCA'11 paper must satisfy the following requirements before its final uploading:

  1. At lest one author of the paper has made a regular conference registration to cover uploading of the final paper. If the paper is more than 6 pages, additional charge of US$100 for each extra page should also be paid. The maximum page number of the paper is 8.
  2. A signed electronic IEEE copyright form of the paper has been submitted to the IEEE via
  3. The paper must satisfy the format requirements, as specified in Sections 2 and 3 below, and pass the IEEE Xplore compliance test at https://controls.papercept.net/conferences/scripts/start.pl.
  4. The final paper uploading requires the following materials:
    • The final paper
    • PINs of all authors
    • Number of pages of the final paper
    • Text-only abstract of the final paper
  5. Only the corresponding author can upload the final paper.

Format information and specifications:

  1. The final paper must be written in English, set to "US letter" paper size, converted to PDF format with file size no more than 2MB. The nominal page number of the paper is 6 and up to 2 extra pages are allowed subject to additional charge of US$100 for each page.
  2. The final paper must be formatted in the standard 2-column conference format. Information on paper style, formatting can be obtained at Conference Management System  by following the Support link at http://controls.papercept.net
    LaTeX style: see LaTeX Support page, Latex Style file
    MS Word template:
    see MS Word Support page, Word template
  3. Authors using Chinese or other oriental window system and MS Word software may refer to the following steps:
  4. Papers that do not adhere to the required format will not be included in the conference proceedings, IEEE Xplore and IE Index. Authors are fully responsible for submitting their paper in the required format. All papers will be published as submitted by the Authors.

Converting to IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file

IEEE PDF eXpress is a service provided by IEEE to prospective participants of IEEE conferences. At the IEEE PDF eXpress website manuscript source files may be uploaded for conversion to IEEE compliant pdf and pdf files may be submitted and tested for compliance.

You can create an account at IEEE PDF eXpress site http://www.pdf-express.org/ using ICCA'11 Conference ID: icca11x and convert your paper into an IEEE Xplore compatible PDF file or check your PDF file for IEEE Xplore compliance. You may refer to the supporting information provided in this website.

IEEE copyright form

It is authors' responsibility to make sure that IEEE copyright form is submitted and the final paper satisfies the format requirements and passes the IEEE Xplore compliance test. Failure in meeting these requirements will jeopardize inclusion of the paper in the conference proceedings, IEEE Xplore and IE Index.